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Additional Services*

Behavioral Consultations

Parent/ Child Assessments

Clinical Assessments

IEP/504 Assistance

Strength based, client focused assessment using observation, data collection, and interviews to understand challenging behaviors and their functions.The goal is to develop an intervention plan which includes proactive strategies so there are less reactions.

In-depth look at your strengths and needs as well as those of your child(ren). This is not to recommend custody.  This will give the courts and professionals directions as to what the parent is able to provide and what the child's needs may encompass.

A clinical assessment is a thorough look at a person's history and current functioning. These are helpful to provide a diagnosis and prognosis as well as insight into what services may be beneficial.These do not include testing which would be found in psychological testing, such as personality inventories or IQ testing.

IEP's and 504 plans may be difficult for many to navigate. This service will provide caregivers with a framework to understanding the school system..The goal is to assist the family in advocating for their child and identifying the accommodations which may be helpful to the child's education.

* Not all services are covered by insurance plans.

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